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Dude Where's My House ? (2010)

Just a simple rock n roll album, some lyrics are true and some are not.

Murmillo (2011)

A collection of whatever came to me in February.

The Mirror, The Moon, The Empty Page (2012)

More random February stuff.

Guns Of August (2013)

10 new February tunes.

No One Cried For Ellis (2014)

Sexy Woman Ugly Man (2015)

The 2015 collection of odds and ends.

License To Thrill (2016)

Shark Attack ! (2017)

Even more stuff.

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Smooth Around The Bend


My first attempt at solo writing and recording.

Daniel Perdomo


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Completed Albums

Dude Where's My House ?(2010)

Just a simple rock n roll album, some lyrics are true and some are not.

Building Inspector Blues   Download
Caroline   Download
Celebutante   Download
Chucks' Children   Download
Girltown   Download
Hey Lyekka   Download
Hipster Doofus   Download
I Am Become Death   Download
She Being Brand New   Download
St. Pauly Girl   Download


A collection of whatever came to me in February.

The Asylum   Download
Monkey With A Handgun   (preferred)   Download
The Blue   Download
The Field   Download
Did You See The Sunrise   Download
The Thing In The Pit   Download
Rowdy Chick   Download
Murmillo   Download
Lullaby   Download
Breakup   Download

The Mirror, The Moon, The Empty Page(2012)

More random February stuff.

Hit and Run   (preferred)   Download
The Mirror   Download
Manic Pixie Dream Girl   Download
Pale Horse   Download
When You Are The Moon   Download
Lovers Lament   Download
The Empty Page   Download
Fools   Download
Scorned   Download

Guns Of August(2013)

10 new February tunes.

Aphrodite In Restless Sleep   Download
Time To Leave The Fight   Download
Where This Road Goes   Download
You Never Knew Love   Download
Or Did You   Download
Many Miles Behind   Download
The Watcher   Download
I Sleep Now   Download
Woman In White (La Llorona)   (preferred)   Download
Guns Of August   Download

No One Cried For Ellis(2014)

Salt and Burn   Download
No Right Turn   Download
No One Cried For Ellis   Download
Untouchable   Download
Without A Trace   Download
All is Fair   Download
Daggers Dont Give a Damn   Download
I Wont Be There   Download
Bad Intent   Download
Better Days   Download

Sexy Woman Ugly Man(2015)

The 2015 collection of odds and ends.

Weight On My Mind   Download
Kamikaze Heart   Download
Nursery Crimes   (preferred)   Download
It Was Your World   Download
Seth   Download
Youre Not The One   Download
Party In The Underworld   Download
Soldier Girl   Download
Sexy Woman Ugly Man   Download

License To Thrill(2016)

Back Seat Driver   Download
Born Better   Download
Mechanical Hearts   Download
Broken Things   Download
Hearts and Flowers   Download
Test Tube Baby   (preferred)   Download
Dont Settle For Me   Download
Honeytrap   Download
In Vino Veritas   Download

Shark Attack !(2017)

Even more stuff.

You and Your Devil   Download
My Independence Day   Download
Lust Saved Me   (preferred)   Download
A Man Called Jonn   Download
The Dinosaur   Download
Troubled Girl   Download
Shark Attack   Download
The House of Blue Distress   Download
Invader   Download